Access the funding you need to make the most out of an opportunity or an idea to grow your business.


South East Creative, Cultural and Digital Support (SECCADS) is a programme of support for the creative, cultural and digital sectors across Thurrock, Essex, Kent, and East Sussex.

SECCADS has received £2.578 million of funding from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds growth programme for 2014 to 2020. This will be match-funded with £2.578 million from a partnership of private and public sector sources.

About the programme

Between March 2019 and December 2020, the programme will help more than 370 companies and sole-traders with business support or grants, giving a £2.5 million boost to the creative economy in the south east of England.

SECCADS offers grants of between £1,000 and £20,000 to cover up to 35% of individual project costs.

The remaining 65% of project funding must come from private sources - for example, organisational profits, crowd-funding, trusts, foundations, a secured bank loan or personal contributions.

Grants to not have to be paid back - SECCADS offers equity-free investment. 


TALE (Transport and Logistical Efficiencies) funded by ERDF ( The European Regional Development Fund, European Union allocated funding) provides free support and funding contributions to SMEs in the transport and logistics sector or with a logistics function. It asks ‘Is Your Data Working for You?’ as it creates opportunities to make the most of your data to improve profit margins and reduce costs. 

TALE Business Support Facilitators will work with you to establish practical steps to exploit your data.  Help can include:

  • A free 1 to 1 data assessment and support plan
  • Free workshops from experts in the field
  • Grants giving you a 40% contribution towards implementing your company’s growth plan.

Up to £60,000 is available per organisation that is eligible, applications can be made at three levels of funding:

  • £1k to £10k Starter Booster Grant – for software or consultancy related to data.
  • £10k to £20k Step Change Grant – your project should include a new product or service (which could include new functionality or a different way of doing things).
  • £20k to £60k Transformation Grant – in addition to introducing a new product or service, this level of grant also would see a job created as a result of the funding being received.

Innovate 2 Succeed 

Innovate 2 Succeed, is a tailored coaching, mentoring and advisory support programme for businesses that are looking to grow and scale via innovation and internationalisation.

The programme helps companies identify their barriers and overcome them by enhancing their innovation management capability, and increasing their effectiveness in generating and commercially exploiting ideas. Eligible SMEs can access up to seven days of fully funded, bespoke support from an Innovation Adviser.

The programme is fully funded by Innovate UK and offers up to 7 days of tailored coaching and support to address barriers to business growth.

What the programme can offer

Innovate 2 Succeed can give you help with:

  • getting funding for innovation, including writing a funding application
  • developing and diversifying your products
  • planning new markets
  • exploiting and protecting intellectual property
  • writing bids

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EIRA (Enabling Innovation: Research to Application)

EIRA is a 3 year project, funded by Research England to drive forward world-class university commercialisation.

EIRA will support innovation in the East of England by helping businesses to access research expertise from universities and colleges in the region. The project has a specific focus on three themes: artificial intelligence, biotechnology and digital creative.

A range of grant funding opportunities enable businesses to draw on EIRA expertise, from small scale projects funded by Innovation Vouchers to larger scale work funded by Research and Development Grants.

EIRA will also enable students to be involved with businesses, running i-Teams and funding Innovation Internships.

The Network has already awarded a number of Proof of Concept grants to enable academics to develop ideas with commercial focus.


KEEP+ is a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programme that will enable your business to achieve its goals for growth by helping you overcome barriers to innovation.

The purpose of the KEEP+ programme is to support business investment in research and innovation (R&I) and to foster collaboration between business and the higher education sector.

By connecting your small to medium sized enterprise (SME) to academic expertise and graduate talent the KEEP+ programme will help give a boost to your business by supplying the research and development support needed to help you launch new products and services.


The Manufacturing Growth Programme provides free advice and support funding to SMEs in the manufacturing sector.

The Manufacturing Growth Programme can help:

  • Identify opportunities and create plans for growth and improvement.
  • Work with the best external experts to implement those plans.
  • Cover 35% of the cost of implementing the plans through a growth/improvement grant.
  • Connect to wider support to maximise opportunities for growth.
What the Manufacturing Growth Programme means for business

The Manufacturing Growth programme will provide:

  • An independent business review to identify opportunities for business improvement and growth.
  • A detailed action plan guiding you through the process of improving your business.
  • Access to matched industry experts to provide consultancy and/or coaching tailored to your needs.
  • Access to grants to co-fund your growth/improvement project.


Is your business a small or medium enterprise (SME) that would like to dip its toe into export waters but you are worried that the costs may not be totally affordable? - Get Exporting 2 is here to help.

Backed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and delivered by the Department for International Trade (DiT), Get Exporting 2 is a tailored programme which can provide match funding (50/50) up to £3000 to help you explore your chosen market and find the partners you need to succeed.

Alternatively if your route to market is through your online web presence, the Get Exporting 2 programme can help you to internationalise your website and get your products onto e-commerce platforms in other countries across the world.