Superfast Broadband

Contract secures more fibre broadband for Basildon

Access to high quality broadband has fast become one of ‘must haves’ for businesses and residents. For some, it is seen as the fourth utility.

The concentration of innovative advanced technology firms in Basildon are dependent on access to high speed broadband and developing the digital infrastructure is key in supporting our existing businesses to grow and attracting inward investment. 

Recent investment secured will ensure that thousands more businesses and homes are in line to join the superfast network under a new phase of work announced by the Superfast Essex broadband programme earlier this year.

Essex County Council who are co-ordinating the broadband programme, signed a contract with network operator Openreach to rollout fibre to more than 1,500 businesses and homes in Basildon Borough under the most recent phase of the Superfast Essex programme.

A total of £3.4m has been invested in the latest Openreach deployment phase, delivered between Autumn 2019 and Autumn 2020.

These new plans are being made possible due to a substantial contribution of £250,000 from Basildon Council, which has been match-funded by a grant from the UK Government, together with existing project savings and a significant contribution from Openreach.