Skills and Talent

A talent pool right on your doorstep

We know how important it is for businesses to be able to access the skills and talent they need to drive their business forward. This is why we're working with education providers across the borough, from senior schools to higher education facilities, to make sure that their curriculums support the skills our local businesses need.

We have high hopes for our young people and want to make sure they can access high quality jobs near to home.

When recruitment opportunities are delivered as a result of working with the council in partnership or via a contract, we ask that the company contacts us so that we can help promote the vacancy to suitable local candidates and address any skills gaps.

The Advice Store 

The Advice Store is a Basildon Council funded initiative which has seen an empty shop unit refurbished and repaired with the sole purpose of improving social mobility and promoting inclusive economic growth to local residents. The objective is to make all employability and skills provision accessible all under the same roof – which isn’t a typical government building, council or jobcentre – where residents can walk-in as they do their shopping, without any mandatory obligation to.

The Advice Store provides a free space for training providers, skill agencies and charitable organisations to collaborate within the same setting, to better serve the residents they hope to move in to or closer to the labour market. This is done through cross-referrals from providers, all adopting the same ethos to do what’s right for the individual, and best match them to a provider who can best meet their needs.