About Us

The economic development team at Basildon Council set out a policy for the borough's economic development. In order to facilitate maximum economic development from the delivery of services within Basildon Borough Council, the Economic Development Policy will ensure that:

  1. The Council will implement the principles of economic development across all services.
  2. The Council will support business growth and sustain the Borough's strong economy by
     a. Engaging and supporting local businesses to enable them to grow and prosper.
     b. Developing Leadership Skills & Promoting Sector Networking
     c. Strengthening our town centres    
  3. The Council will support the growth and development of early stage businesses in the Borough, particularly businesses that have the potential to create high added value jobs, by strengthening the Start-up Ecosystem
  4. The Council will encourage investment in skills to improve the employment prospects, education and skills of local people, by;         
     a. Promoting Workforce Development;
     b. Ensuring young people are better prepared for the world of work;
     c. Increasing apprenticeships and industry relevant qualifications, particularly in priority sectors and at technician and degree level;
     d. Ensuring those marginalised or disadvantaged from work are moved closer to the labour market and supporting and encouraging older workers to consider vacancies in areas of skills shortage
  5. The Council will work with our partners to promote sustainable economic growth and ensure the provision of essential strategic infrastructure and connectivity in the Borough.
  6. The Council will further strengthen the "Basildon Brand" to attract inward investment and work to bring about an economy that can adapt to global trade and competition.
  7. The Council will encourage investment in Collaborative R&D by collaborating with the private sector and academia to establish a 'living laboratory', to test-bed innovative technological ideas   
  8. The Council will seek to ‘lock in’ the value of this growth into the local economy through the adoption of Inclusive Growth principles, by ensuring businesses support local supply chains; create job opportunities for local people; and ensure employees are paid a fair wage.    
  9. The Council will monitor all the performance of the local economy to maximise the chances of agreed outcomes being achieved and report annually to the Economic Development and Recovery Committee on the returns achieved.