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CNH Industrial

Company Name

CNH Industrial

Established in Basildon

CNH Industrial, and its predecessor companies, have had a significant presence in Basildon since 1964.

Sectors the company operates in

CNH Industrial is present in the agricultural sector with the New Holland Agriculture and Case IH brands; in the construction equipment market with CASE Construction Equipment and New Holland Construction.

Size of company (number of employees)

CNH Industrial employs over 1,000 employees in Basildon.

Description of what the company does & notable achievements

CNH Industrial, through its predecessor companies, has had an industrial presence in Basildon for nearly 60 years, with the New Holland Tractor Plant opening in 1964. To date, the company has produced over 1.6 million tractors and 3.1 million engines, exporting them all over the world and helping to initially mechanise, and now modernise agriculture in the process.

Today Basildon produces New Holland tractors from 120 – 315hp for export to over 180 national markets and it also produces Case IH tractors, in the same power bracket, for export outside of Europe, which equates to some 90% of total production being destined for export.

Basildon is home to CNH Industrial’s UK and Republic of Ireland Head Quarters. It is also home to the UK offices of CASE Construction Equipment as well as central functions for CNH Industrial, CNH Industrial Parts and Service and CNH Industrial Capital.

The New Holland Agriculture manufacturing plant holds a Bronze World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Award. WCM is one of the global manufacturing industry’s highest standards for the integrated management of manufacturing plants and processes. It is a pillar-structured system based on continuous improvement and elimination of waste.

CNH Industrial is continually investing in the Basildon facility, be that in terms of modernising the production facility, with the installation of a new production line in 2016, or on projects which are focused on enhancing the plant’s sustainability and working environment. Alongside production, significant investment is focused on research and development activities as well as preparing for the eventual introduction of alternative fuel powertrain solutions for agricultural machines.

In 2017, CNH Industrial unveils methane powered concept tractor and its vision for the sustainable future of farming and by 2022, they are awarded £15.6 million to develop the world’s first liquid fugitive methane-powered, off-road, heavy tractor. It makes use of methane gas produced by waste from farms, that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, New Holland’s facility in Basildon is a global Centre of Excellence for tractor design, and welcomes thousands of New Holland customers from across the globe, to the innovative customer centre and showroom.

Experience of doing business in Basildon

CNH Industrial has over half a century of positive experience working at the heart of the industrial community in Basildon. We have found Basildon to be a great place to do business thanks to an extensive network of professional suppliers and skills providers. The support from the Borough Council helps ensure that sustainable businesses can be innovative and ready for growth.

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