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Mayflower Film Studios

Company Name

Mayflower Film Studios (formerly known as The Underwater Studio)

Established in Basildon


Sectors the company operates in

Film Studios.

Size of company (number of employees)

9 including HSE Safety Divers.

Description of what the company does & notable achievements

The Studio relocated from its original location in Enfield approximately twenty-five years ago. Back then, it was the only Studio of its kind in the UK. To this day it remains the only Underwater Studio in Europe with a removable roof. The two Directors, Geoff and Annette Smith together with their business partner Fred Woodcock designed and built the Studio at its' current location in Archers' Field. Sadly Geoff passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly on 5th December 2018 aged 63 whilst on holiday with his family in Florida. He is greatly missed. Reece Smith, one of Geoff's three sons, has taken up the reigns as Studio Manager and Fred remains our dive co-ordinator and dive supervisor. Paul Morgan is the dive team runner and all round support manager. They also have team of four HSE safety divers that they regularly use and Glenn Whatley, the Studio Administrator.

Tucked away on a quiet industrial estate in Basildon, Essex is one of the world's most renowned film studios. The Underwater Studio is a Unique Facility for filming underwater scenes for Films, TV Pop Promos, commercials and stills shoots. The Studio boasts a tank that is 6 metres deep, 12.9 metres long and 9.14 metres wide and holds 150,000 gallons of filtered heated water which is up to 32 degrees.

The studio has an extensive credit list & a vast amount of experience in all types of underwater shoots. Its unique size and qualities have attracted names such as Harry Potter, James Bond, EastEnders and more recently Tom Cruise and Ed Sheeran, who take advantage of the studio for its adventurous underwater filming. The Studio team are also able to provide specialist underwater rigging and location safety services.

Experience of doing business in Basildon

Basildon is the perfect place for an Underwater Studio. It is easy to get to, with good transport links with local hotels and amenities close by. There is a wealth of small businesses around that offer relevant required services. From hire companies to set builders and model makers, to scaffolding, hauliers and specialist pump suppliers. Everything they could possibly need is all around them.

What The Underwater Studio offers Basildon

When they are filming they bring together a whole team of local businesses. From small specialist engineering to local caterers. And the specialist crew (lighting engineers, gaffers, actors, production managers) that are needed all stay at local hotels and make use of all of the surrounding facilities.

When the Studio isn't filming, it is used by local diving clubs from all over Essex for open water training and certification. It is also used by Fire and Rescue services around the Country as a safe controlled water space. Even the RNLI and the Royal Navy use the facility.

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Image for Mayflower Film Studios
Image for Mayflower Film Studios
Image for Mayflower Film Studios