MIRA Limited

Company Name

MIRA Limited

Established in Basildon

Opened in June 2000 (existing in Nuneaton since 1946).

Sectors the company operates in

All engineering sectors (automotive, aerospace, defence are the main three but also rail, reusable energy etc.).

Description of what the company does & notable achievements

MIRA is a vehicle engineering specialist but the Basildon site is an Environmental Test Facility - one of the largest independent ones in Europe.

Size of company (number of employees)

17 in Basildon and 500 total in MIRA.

Experience of doing business in Basildon

MIRA originally moved to Basildon as it won the contract to be the preferred test supplier to Visteon when they broke away from Ford in 1999. MIRA won the contract for a 10 years period and placed themselves in Basildon accordingly. The location offers us access to many local engineering companies and gives us international kudos of being near London. Basildon also has a high engineering skill set due to the location of so many large engineering companies and this in turn creates the engineering community through Tier 1 & 2 suppliers etc.



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