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Company Name


Established in Basildon


Sectors the company operates in

Financial Services.

Size of company (number of employees)

4,000 throughout Europe with around one quarter of these working at our Basildon HQ.

Description of what the company does & notable achievements

In 1986 and at the age of 30, Founder and CEO Bill Stone quit his job to start SS&C from the basement of his house. The goal was simple - develop better technology and deliver superior service. Fast forward to today, and SS&C has evolved through growth and acquisitions to become a leader in technology for the world's largest financial services and healthcare firms.

SS&C is committed to the success of our clients, employees, and shareholders. As a leading financial services and healthcare technology company, SS&C continues to push innovation, be stewards in the communities we serve and operate with integrity.

Notable achievements include:

Experience of doing business in Basildon

We are a global investor and policyholder outsourcing organisation, providing administration, technology and operational support for the financial services industry. Since moving to Basildon in 2002 we have continued to grow substantially year on year.

Our 10,312sq meter site in Basildon now represents our European headquarters, twinned with our North American and Asian head offices in Canada and Hong Kong. Our Basildon location means we are conveniently positioned within close proximity to our London based clients, but do not incur the high costs usually associated with operating from within the City. Our site is about ten minutes' drive from the M25 and around 30 minutes by train from Fenchurch Street.

We employ around 4,000 people throughout Europe, with around one quarter of these working at our Basildon HQ. When recruiting, we often attract individuals that live nearby and are looking to work locally for a large organisation. We are also able to capture those employees previously based in the City or Canary Wharf who have decided to reduce their daily commute but maintain career development opportunities within the industry.

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Image for SS&C
Image for SS&C